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Hello there,

I've only just noticed blogger stats reports almost 1000 hits to the blog,  so I got paranoid and shut it down so only I can read it for a while. I'm writing this then... well, just because, I suppose.

I'm currently studying to become a mathematician (I figure I'll always be studying to become a mathematician). I'm brutally honest, I'm socially awkward, I'm a hopeless romantic, I don't believe in religious institutions or anyone who tries to impose sets of rules or moral behaviour. My first language is Spanish, yet I find it easier to write and think in English. British English at that. I'm keeping track of my dreams for.... no particular reason, really. I find it amusing to be able to keep a journal of most everything I dream and think of as it's a nice way to let it all out without actually having to go through the trouble of telling someone. Madness? Maybe. Sad? Definitely. Do I care? Not all that much, since it's nice to write every so often and put to words what I've been feeling. It also helps me keep track of things only I would keep track of.

You'll find there are numerous facts to be learned about me in the blog posts, most labelled under "fun facts", some implied, others only just barely mentioned. There's one that's not actually explicit and I feel should be stated here: I don't believe in any god and will do my best to avoid expressions such as "oh my God", "Lord", "Jesus", and the like. I find those disrespectful coming from an agnostic. Nevertheless I do sometimes give in to the familiar expressions/sounds/phrases and I apologise. Most facts being said, I'm not sure it will get you to know me, though. I believe you can't know a person through facts alone (unless you have astonishing powers of deduction and incredibly good luck when you make guesses). 

I was hoping to transmit more of the nonsense I'm quite so proud of, but along with several other things I used to like about myself it seems to be leaving me. We'll see where things go from now.

Just in case, today's date: January 7th, 2011.

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