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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The splash of whales

I thought I'd be falling asleep early. I just slept a little, woke up, and now can't stay asleep so I figured I'd write down a bit about the dreams I had.

In one dream, I was walking along a... I'm thinking "ridge" but it would seem ridges tend to be higher up than this was. It was a pathway along the side of a cliff by the sea, itself a small cliff some 3m or so above the water surface. The larger cliff was not, however, a cliff by the definitions I know, as it was made of smooth stones (rather than stones that seemed to have been worn by the sea). The stones were almost black, large (60cm or so in diameter) and their surface was quite smooth. They weren't rounded, and there were a few straight edges here and there, but they were mostly flat. They were shining with a golden light from being wet with the water that had splashed earlier and the not quite blue anymore shades of light emitted by a sun that's fairly low on the horizon. I was walking with my sister and my spoiled brat cousin. In the water next to us were whales, splashing us. The whales looked like a cross between orcas and humpback whales (shape of a humpback whale, smooth skin and colouring of an orca, some 12-16m long), except they also had what I can only describe as giant pink feathers, except they weren't feathery (or "hairy") in any way at all, they just had the general shape of a feather on what would be in the position of wings, adjusted for size. They were really quite beautiful and terrifying all at once. The path was maybe 3m across (plenty of room) and yet I was afraid of falling into the water so I lay down on the floor and started pushing myself forward with my elbows. I thought of taking pictures with my phone to show to SmTn and even had time to worry about my phone getting wet.

In another dream, there was apparently a "thing" where older (30s-40s) men really liked me and kept trying to get close to me and take advantage of me. One in particular I remember called me to his lap, like you would a dog, and I actually went in and sat there. Until I got uncomfortable and made ready to leave, except by that point it was already very awkward and he was sure things were going somewhere. This was not a first-time occurrence and I even contemplated asking EBF about it (silly dream me.)

Then, there's a dream I woke up to this morning about a child (really, more a baby) who had written a poem for a contest. She was deemed very smart and the poem was supposed to be too planned, too "perfect" in a way to actually be good, and yet it was very good, or so I seem to remember. It was only 3 lines (though I can't replicate it in less than 4) and I wish I could remember the wording, rather than just the vague meaning:

It was a long trip to China.
I travelled slowly.
It was a long trip to China.
I came back the next day.

The general idea of the poem is that in very few lines it conveyed the idea of having travelled to some specific part of  China (I just wrote China because I can't remember). One of the travels was very slow and took a long time. The other lasted a shorter period of time but was jam-packed and thus felt like a long one. It sounded way better in the dream. Also in this dream, I remember petting a white rabbit that had hair in the shape of peacock feathers (the hair "puffed out" towards the ends)... it was not an albino rabbit, I don't remember its eyes being red, it was just a white rabbit. Very soft to touch.

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