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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gone fishing

I had a dream last night where I was pushing someone around and we ended up near a small (man-built?) lake. The water was crystal clear and the bottom was a pale sand beige colour. We had a fishing pole, for some reason, and decided to start fishing. I noticed Q in there, on a boat with someone younger than him (a student?) but we didn't really talk much. Just as I was thinking there were most likely no fish there, one pulled on the (far too short) line. It was a barely visible yellow and black striped fish, about as big as my palm. I let it go and soon caught another one, this one translucent silver and about the same size. I was starting to think there probably weren't any larger fish in the pond when I saw a barracuda-looking one with the same sheer silver colouring as the last one. I hadn't given much thought to catching it when I started pulling on the line and realized it was tied around the big fish's tail. All I had to do was pull it above water level. Then came the decision to take the fish with me, to eat (though I remember hesitating whether it was sanitary to do so or not) and I had to kill it first. I was planning on just holding it out of the water upside down and somehow this would make it die (not being out of the water, having all of its blood drain to its head). It was pointed out to me it would be more humane to just hit its head against a wall until it started bleeding, at which point I could be sure it was dead. So I did, I started hitting it against a wall without actually looking at it, waiting for someone else to signal that they had seen blood so I could stop, and when someone did, I stopped. 

In another dream, I was in a large parking lot with the old man and I had my phone and my phone charger with me. I was just walking around as we both waited for something when I saw a row of school desks just set somewhere in the parking lot, some 6-8 schoolboys above them and a professor watching them. Problem? The boys were being burned alive. I ran away and told the old man he should call some kind of emergency service. It seemed as though not a lot of people were in the parking lot and even fewer were willing to comment on the teacher burning students alive. I remember there was a big commotion and I got to talk to a couple of the higher-ups who mentioned there being "terrorist-like" activity that had been suppressed before it even happened and  yet this one slipped. Somehow, I ended up on the run (I don't know who I was running from) and this resulted in making a deal with someone who picked me and two other people up from a lake to drop us off at a police station. The deal involved us receiving money (quite a bit of it) and a car. Somehow, uncle A was involved and it became his decision. In a gesture that actually surprised me, he said the money would be for me and my sister, except he'd just give it to me because money I used was money the old man wouldn't need to give me and could just give to my sister (or something along those lines). I remember being glad to know I'd have more money in the bank and I'd be able to afford a few more months' worth of payments (unlike now). 

*sigh* I really do need the money.

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