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Sunday, 18 May 2014

X-men and nazis

I've had this open for a while now and it's all I can do to go through with the initial date I was going to post this on, even though I have almost no memory left of the dream.

I had a dream about X-men and a fascist, nazi-like government chasing after them. The mutants got smart and pretended to be close to being caught while on a plane/ship heading into a big ocean. When the government plane/ship was about to catch up with them Storm conjured a big storm to both conceal the mutants and hurt the followers. I feel there was a lot more to the dream but there was a lot more to a lot of other dreams I've just gone without writing down. This morning (it's now the 24th of May) I had a dream where I was getting married and trying to decide on a colour scheme for the wedding. I only had 5-6 sets of 4-5 colours each and I must say none of them worked very well together. One of them was just pinks, another was just reds (going towards black), another was just cyan blues. I briefly considered going for both pinks and reds. The scandal...! Anyway, that's what happens when life happens, I don't get time to write about life. It doesn't help that I've still been in a shitty mood to write.

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