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Monday, 5 May 2014

Facebook stalking confession

The title is self-explanatory, except I've already pointed out there's not much to be learned of my love interest (goodness! that sounds awful!)... I attended an officer meeting again. They weren't there, again. I needed an excuse to be out of the house, yet again, and YAP was more than willing, bless his heart. I was with him all afternoon and well into the night. I was with him long enough that, after my practice with NGBB, I felt quite comfortable telling him their name. He offered they'd just been through a bad break up and... mentioned the name of the ex. That's who I'm stalking. For shame. I know. I can beat myself well enough without help, thank you very much. 

As far as I can tell, they're every beet (wtf, me?) as sweet as I might have guessed. Who leaves their partner pictures of cute animals? Of their cute favourite animals? Who leaves a happy birthday greeting filled by lines upon lines (as many as facebook allows) of exclamation points? As far as I can tell, the break up was far more recent than I thought (within two weeks of me finding out they were single). I think I'll stop there. That's invasive enough already.

YAP didn't get my hopes up. I think that's precisely why he brought up the break up. I told him I had no hopes and that I was quite sure they already know about my interest and did not feel the same about me. I am now almost sure it was actually them doing the kind of shameless asking out and that might explain why they haven't been to more officer meetings. It's either that and/or the fact that it was most likely them who botched up the ally meeting. I can ask about that, actually. Oh, the sleaziness... 

The things I will do for information... the things I will do when I should be sleeping and have an early-ish morning ahead of me... 

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