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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Pride in procrastination

It's close to 1am and I haven't even come close to starting the quick review I promised myself I would do before tomorrow's exam. The last final exam of the semester. It's kind of annoying that I missed just enough points in the biostatistics exam to not get the top grade. It annoys me to think that I missed points because I fucked up the multiple guess and what work I did in the part that was deleted because too many people had trouble with the exam became worthless. Such is life for a procrastinator, I suppose.

And yet... well, not quite. I really should get started on work with the group theory textbook, because I meant to show it to the nice maths professor this week and I'm not even half-way done but... I've been doing things for PRIDE instead. I have modified the common misconceptions post and turned into a document. I asked NGBB for feedback and all he said is that it looked good. I asked YAP for feedback and he just sent me numerous heart icons. I asked A for help and she made me double-check the content for political correctness, which made me realise I'm still missing a distinction between gender identity and gender expression. She was also kind enough to point in the direction of Joan W. Scott and Sonya O. Rose for further reading and as references to add to this file. If I want to read more, chances are someone else might, and it only makes sense in a club with so many psychology majors. I asked YAP for more references or the contact info of someone who won't mind me asking for references but I still haven't heard from him. I won't lie: I do wish he'd lead me to them. 

I've also been working on an FAQ for the website that is "updated" and all but empty. I've done my best to include important information and hope YAP will have some sort of input here because he really does know more than me about this.

That's not quite enough, so I'm thinking of t-shirt designs to work on with my sister. I have not yet been given official instructions, which is annoying because their deadline is in two weeks and they really can't push it another week if they actually want the t-shirts to be printed. All the more reason for me to actually look up t-shirt printing services in the area and ask about the way to lower our costs while still getting a rainbow in there somehow. Since the biggest factor appears to be the number of printing colours, it makes sense to me to use CMYK, except something tells me it can't be quite so simple. I'm thinking of CMYK pop art and my sister's gotten her creative juices flowing while she does homework for me asking how small the dots should be if they can't overlap. My homework will be to ask for the resolution of the printers and how sheer they can make the printing. 

You think that's a lot? Let me tell you about last night, then. I spent a good while searching YouTube for sex ed videos intended for LGBT+ freshmen. I learned a few things while I was at it. NGBB and I talked about how we don't want PRIDE to be about sex, but I really think we do need to include it, if only in the form of sex ed so that they don't do anything stupid and they don't ask for sex-themed meetings which, according to NGBB, make general members stop showing up for meetings. The fact that people who want to talk about sex are most vocal doesn't mean that they are any kind of majority. *sigh* I actually thought about it a bit and opted for videos because these people are too lazy to read, and I took the trouble of finding inclusive answers to unasked questions provided in an enthusiastic and sex-positive way. I'm asking EBF to take a look at these over the weekend. 

Of course, I still want to procrastinate and don't feel busy enough so instead of doing maths like I promised myself and instead of doing the bloody review, I find myself planning a talk on being an ally based on this post... which I know I'll have to modify quite a bit before it's useful. I even want to prepare slides! And, it must be added, I have not been given instructions to do anything more than the t-shirt (and I volunteered for that). I've just been picking up on shit that needs to get done and my way of helping is to do it for them. Even though it probably will be taken as a commentary on their poor skills to get shit done... which it sort of is. 

I wish I could talk to SmTn about all this. He'd have fun and smile, I'm sure... but, Alas! it can't be. I considered asking AOB for help but he really doesn't seem to want to talk to me and I will not talk to him only because I want his help. I'd feel awful. I do intend to ask more general members for help. NGBB and I decided at least one of our ideas (the FAQ) should be brought up by a shy and not very outspoken officer who needs a louder voice to be heard. I figure it could help if he had something useful but also important to say and he can say he used the help of others, which could encourage the other officers to delegate. One can only dream...

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