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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Magic, no cards

I had a dream that oddly reminded me of this man. The dream was set in a fantasy land of kingdoms, magic and dragons, yet there were cruise ships roaming the seas. My sister and I were staying in a man's house with his family. He was a kind man, and some kind of scientist and/or professor. He and his wife had three children, all boys, of varying ages. The youngest one must have been 4 or so, and never spoke. The middle one had an element of good-hearted naughtiness about him and seemed very clever. He must have been about 12. The oldest one was about my age, an engineer, and his name was Renzo. Except there was an accent somewhere. I remember his name and not the others' now because I'd forgotten his name in the dream and made a point out of remembering it. Funnily enough, I knew his brothers' names but I can't remember those now. The youngest one, I remember was making snow balls of growing sizes. However, it was warm enough out that we (me and others? can't remember them) wondered what the point was if they were going to melt. I have no idea where the snow came from. Like I was saying, I was staying with this family. They had a huge house bordering on mansion or little castle. This house was somewhere near a lake or another body of water and yet I remember there being a town close to it. 

In the dream, I had control over a dragon or a dragon spirit. He was purple. I was fond of him and became very upset at the mention of necessary events happening only if he died. Necessary events like saving a cruise ship full of people from sinking. I remember dungeons and I remember summoning the dragon at some point with some other thing that was gold in colour, so that they spiralled around one another forming a cone. 

As for Renzo? I remember him because he fancied me. It made me uncomfortable... and yet I didn't quite shut him out. I'm not sure why. I suppose I felt bad for him because part of him fancying me was just a deep rooted admiration and I didn't want to break that bubble for him. I also remember a swimming pool and wearing nothing more than a bikini and feeling observed. Not by him, though. There was a small group of grownups having drinks and talking next to the pool, including his mum, and I think it's her I worried about.

The last thing I remember from this dream is candy. Candy was being divided into groups and offered to the father. 

If you've been looking out for dreams about them and are starting to think that because I haven't written down any it must mean I'm actually straight... I have news for you: I have had dreams about them. I have just chosen not to write any of them down both out of hopelessness and the silly belief (based on Cinderella saying it in the Disney film) that if I tell my dreams they won't come true. 

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