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Monday, 28 April 2014

I've known him for 8 years now and this is when I have this dream.

I had a very odd dream about EBF last night. He was in a relationship, which I assume is everything going according to plan as he explained the last time we talked. We were close like we once used to be, but it was somehow different. It was somehow implied that I fancied him and he would cheat on his girlfriend with me but I wouldn't allow it. It's a weird merger, that of SmTn and EBF. We drove around the city he comes from and neighbouring cities. We entered a doughnut shop and bought food. The cat was in the passenger seat of the car. Aunt MT was in the dream and waited for us to pick her up. At some point, and it's now been forever, EBF and I danced together. I remember a foreign elderly man, not so unlike the German man in The Wind Rises, except I believe he was British. It was an unusual dream because it hinted at feelings that have never been there as if they'd been there all along and it made me uneasy. 

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