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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A dream about switching houses

I had a dream where my parents dragged me and my sister along to look at apartments. They didn't bring it up at first, but we had been looking at old apartments we'd lived in when I was 5-10 which had been remodelled. People still lived in these remodelled apartments and I remember walking into the room of an ancient old lady with white hair that had lilac walls. I also remember being in what appeared to be a penthouse apartment with two floors, except most of the second floor was part of a factory that dealt with shoelaces. I remember being worried about how exactly my parents would be able to afford this, but it seemed that they were cheaper options than I thought initially and that the old man had somehow come into better times and this was his gift to us. Any similarity to reality is pure coincidence and not intended by the author of the script that dictates what happens in my life.

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