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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Oh, it's exactly the same

Oh, the social awkwardness!!

In case you had time to think I couldn't possibly be serious about my last post, this one is all about this girl (I'll need a name, but I'll need a good one, which will have to wait) and how she makes me giggly. And how I feel stupid about it (being giggly like a schoolgirl and having not a fucking clue how to transform "being giggly" into "flirting" or in anyway getting it across to her that I like her). 

So, she's not my facebook friend. No one in the LGBT group is. But I may have kind of sort of looked her up. Nothing much to be seen, except for a very fun profile picture. However, I've been admitted into the group. And I could see when the pictures from the drag show were posted. 10 or so minutes later, I noticed she'd liked the album, and I liked it too. I was a bit giddily excited about the fact that on a Saturday night circa 10pm we were both on facebook. And I somehow felt close to her. And then, not 10 min ago she posted a video to the group. It's a video I'd sort of seen circulating facebook before, of homophobes hugging gay people. And seeing that she posted the video kind of made me squee a little bit and swoon. I guess I find her advocacy exciting. In the girl who's my facebook friend and posts such things on a regular basis, it's cool. Because of her I know people like Kazaky and see inspiring videos and posts like the one I just described. And I look up to her and think good things of her and like to agree with her, but there's more to it with the girl I have a crush on. Her political stance, kind of like LesMisGuy's, is somehow sexy to me. Except LesMisGuy wasn't all that cool with LGBT people, so that's a few points against him. Not the point. I'm officially giggling and swooning and kind of obsessing over this girl I've known for all of two or three days. And I want to get close to her and have absolutely not a clue how. And all I can think of doing is stalking her every visible move on the facebook group and liking everything she likes and liking everything she posts and that's so stalkerish of me and... *sigh*

The social. awkwardness!!! It hurts!

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