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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Of animals and injuries

I've had a few odd dreams lately. I was on a frozen river with cousin S. The water was very dark, a navy kind of colour, and the top was frozen but after we slid through the first part of it we just fell in the water. This was somehow connected to a hotel's pool, which had warm water. However, just a few moments after getting in I noticed dead animals in it. First, a turtle, then an opossum and a lemur. Cousin S was unfazed. I just couldn't wait to get out of the water. I reasoned that the dead animals were there looking for warmth and the pool had somehow killed them. All I knew for sure was that I didn't want to be in dead animal water.

Also in my dreams last night, there was this dream where Gigi was doing a giveaway for fabulous rhinestone studded heels. I was participating, I think and I somehow ended up on the phone with her. However, I sustained some kind of injury in this time. I gently touched my hair, to the right side of my face, and a whole bunch of it came out, all roots attached, actually, a whole rectangle of scalp attached. A rudimentary fix was attempted with gum or some other soft material to patch the hole up but the skin from the torn scalp was like putty and nothing held. I don't remember any pain, but I do remember worrying and Gigi being a love and helping me through the whole thing, if only by talking to me throughout. I can't remember if it was this dream or another where I lost one of my molars. It was the bottom one farthest on the left and it was hollowed out, without a root, much like milk teeth. Odd.

Night before last, I had a dream where I was with quite a few women from the family, including mum and my sister. We seemed to be at a riverside, or maybe, rather, a small brook. Most notably, I remember the floor everywhere was covered in animal faeces. Dog here, rat/rabbit there, just everywhere. You could not step without stepping on shit and it boiled down to "would I rather step on little too's shit than any other animal's as I at least sort of know her?" as mum told me I could just wash my feet afterwards. 

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