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Monday, 3 February 2014

I don't think I've done a single useful thing all day.

There's a dream I had recently that I forgot to write down. In it I was not quite myself, though at some point I was walking on the beach with my sister. In my dream, I was in love with a young man (wait) but it was somehow taboo and it wasn't quite the fact that he was younger than me. In my dream, I wasn't just someone else, I was a 12 or so year old girl (definitely younger than 15). I wasn't quite a little girl, but I wasn't so grown up either. There was a certain purity in our feelings that felt both natural and intense, if it makes any sense to put it like that. In the dream, we were both by the seashore, maybe I was in the water and he was outside or the other way around. At any rate, we'd both made these tokens that were very unique to both of us, a circle with a small heart inside, coming out from the edge, made in another colour/material. I'd made one as a keepsake, something to remember him by, and so had he with his. When we met again and I saw him with his I felt our connection being stronger and feared that either his or mine would get lost at sea and was surprised that it had even survived the water (it felt almost bread-like in consistency). I think we got to embrace each other, both of us in the water, we got to know that we both wanted to be together and I think we even kissed. It was a sweet kiss, full of feelings of love and relief at being able to express it.

The song in my head the morning after that (or maybe even two mornings later), and I'll admit it may have been influenced by what was playing on the radio, is "Open Arms."

Embarrassingly taken from the radio show where a girl asked for a song to confess her love to her best friend, there's also "Eternal Flame."

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