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Friday, 17 January 2014

*Fifteen hundred* posts of nonsense

Would you believe it?

I'm very much forcing myself to type this just like I force myself to eat, and attempt to make healthier food choices for the little appetite I can muster. It's not particularly important, but I wanted to keep note of the fact that I had a dream a couple of nights ago (I no longer remember how long ago) where I was hanging from a rope attached to some sort of very tall beam truss. I looked down and saw a pool where I could fall if I just let myself go. I looked at everything around me and had fun with the notion of up being down and down being up much like I did when I was a little girl and stared at the ceiling wondering what it would be like to live life walking on it instead of the floor. I quickly made myself dizzy and unable to calculate where exactly I would fall if I let myself go. I ultimately got scared and decided to just hang on tight to the truss and climb down without opening my eyes.

Then yesterday morning I woke up with "Can't take my eyes off of you" stuck in my head.

I have to see if I can push myself to get started on the homework assignments due in this week sometime before the weekend is over. I also have to see if I can figure out where my make-up brushes are.

For the time being I'm just in this wretched state of feeling like I've had too little to eat (true, but I've had at least one full meal and a bowl of cereal). I feel too weak to even stay out of bead and upright for too long. I'm too tired to think, to read, and felt tired enough that I didn't want to write either. Admittedly, it could be the half-dose of medication kicking in. Maybe this is what happens and I should adjust everything to take these at night. Maybe not, and I'm just tired and malnourished.

On the subject of medicine... I'm apparently a terrible patient. I told the doctor I'd been sleeping quite well since the temperatures dropped and all it took was letting the words out of my mouth to forget what it was like to sleep through the night without something waking me up. 

I'm sorry, this is a somewhat pointless post. 

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