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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

For balance

A small collection of moments that made me smile: 

1. The man in a kilt playing Christmas carols on an ocarina. Well, just the one Christmas carol. Just the one part of that Christmas carol. And not that well either. Nevertheless, kind of awesome.

2. My lab partner for bioelectricity for two reasons. First, because he doesn't care at all about the other guy we've sometimes worked with who is gay (and a love). He doesn't act uncomfortable, he doesn't treat him differently. He's just all around easygoing and it's great (except when we have deadlines and he's a bit too relaxed about those because I end up doing most of the work). Second, because he said I might want to skip being the volunteer to attach EEG electrodes to my forehead because I was wearing make-up. Stupidly, I was embarrassed and said I would have argued against it because one needed to go in the back of the volunteer's head and I have longer hair which would not have helped much (it actually would, as it's easier to keep to one side). But the fact that he said it in a totally "just being thoughtful" kind of way made me smile. 

3. The guy in the bioelectricity lab who is gay and reminds me of the kind online stranger. He's so nice and smiles so sweetly and is so easygoing. Makes my day. I feel like I'm trying too hard to make him like me, but I realise I'm compensating for how much I like him. 

4. On one of the cooler, windier nights waiting for the bus to arrive a man offered me a seat inside the bus stop, shielded from the wind. Just so I wouldn't be cold. 

Unrelated, I had a very vivid daydream/fantasy/memory of kissing LesMisGuy during class today. Made me a little uncomfortable because I'm pretty sure I blushed just thinking about it. Confession? I may have looked at his facebook profile last night and found his keeping up with chess tournaments absolutely adorkable.

Also unrelated, I had a rather sad hunch about the man with Down Syndrome who works at the restaurant I had lunch in today. He had bags under his eyes and I got the very strong impression that he was either very sad or extremely tired and both made me worry about him. What do I care about him? I can hardly remember having seen him before and making a note of how he's the one person in that restaurant I consistently find working when I grab lunch there. The fact that he has Down Syndrome is, admittedly, irrelevant and may not be politically correct to point out. I could say he's the consistent worker at that restaurant but the truth is that a good part of the reason why I've noticed him there every time is because he stands out a bit. I do not take his extra chromosome against him. I do not think it makes him deserve more or less attention. I'm not one to feel particularly compassionate about people with conditions similar to his. I do think it's fair to say that his condition does not define him, even if all I've ever seen of him and can remember him by is that. That's on me. I do think he looked very sad today and that it made me sad just to think about it.

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