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Monday, 11 November 2013

The other Mary

I was thinking of Sonya and I can't shake the feeling that she wasn't the only one. I know there were other prostitutes in literature who reminded me of Mary and I can't remember them. It's a theme.

A quick search online tells me I may or may not have gotten another one from Notes from Underground, a novel I remember being mentioned in the Russian literature class, but I can't quite remember reading (though I may have and it could just be my brain being a bitch). I've made up my mind to read it. 

Oh! Wait! Fantine! Fantine! Her too! Fantine...

All the more reason to try to finish Les Misérables, wouldn't you say? Perhaps after I'm done with Dostoievski... there's just something about him (and the fact that Notes from Underground is a short novel, and I'm a bit too lazy to read anything much longer). 

All of this thinking about prostitutes has a purpose, you know. The main character in the story I want to write? It's not a cosplayer or a dream character on demand, it's a prostitute. I'm still trying to wrap my head around making it as gender-neutral and non-heteronormative as possible. It sort of rules out giving them names and I think I can't reasonably choose any narrator other than first person (again) for the same reason. 

"Sorriest thanks." 

Some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, wouldn't you say?

The PC crowd is going to have to excuse me. I don't think my story is well-suited to a masculine lead. Which is not to say it has to be a biological woman. She needs not even be straight. It's just that, while fathers do, of course, exist, the nurturing figure who can be right there, smack in the middle of a Madonna-whore complex, is a feminine one.

Song of the moment: "Puedes Contar Conmigo." Don't really need to tell you it's by La Oreja de Van Gogh, do I?

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