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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


The weather is delightfully cold and I'm afraid it won't last long enough, but I'm enjoying every second of it. I missed being cold enough that my hands went cold and stayed cold for a bit. I missed the peculiar smell of a cold morning. I missed the comfort of a hot cup of tea when it's cold out.

I realised something today during class. Not a very important realisation, to be honest. It's actually a rather silly one but it seemed noteworthy. I like men who don't easily feel cold. It sounds stupid, but when it's cold enough to be uncomfortable outside I like the notion of having someone to hug who's not only not cold but quite comfortably warm. I told you it was silly.

In news today, it would appear I'll have a job next semester. *sigh of relief* Oh, and I scheduled an interview to see if I'm a good fit for a therapy group. The therapist suggested I look into it and I do trust her judgement so I'm following her instructions (except for the one where I'm supposed to have a reasonable conversation with the As about chores, that one requires that we all be grown ups).

As for my story? I've been glancing at the beginnings of my story born backwards. Most of it is a story I wanted to tell anyway and I find that, though baroque, I did manage to find quite a few images/phrases I'm fond of. So I might use them. Or perhaps not. I don't know yet. The story I want to write now hasn't completely taken form in my mind. Oh, but thinking about it did bring forth another song: "Unicornio Azul," as Mercedes Sosa used to sing it (I love that woman's voice... SmTn is right, it does make you feel nostalgic).

It may have to wait. I think I need to finish the story I wanted to tell when I first started writing the old one. There's two stories there to be told. 

Yes, non-gas-fueled-reader. It's about EBF.

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