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Monday, 25 November 2013

Busy bee

I've been working on the presentation for nanomedicine. Mostly because the others have been so very not helpful. I'm feeling like quite the over-achiever. 

Then again, that has more to do with the fact that I sat here and embedded videos into almost every one of the posts that mention songs. I even taught myself how to play only parts of videos. There were 117 of them. Posts, I mean. More videos than that, though. And I I manually altered the html code for each and every one of them because I don't want them to display "related videos" when they're over. 

It's funny, how I groom the blog even though I know no one's reading it. Just in case someone does, though, now roughly 1/14 posts has some kind of break from the sometimes seemingly endless text. I'll work on getting some images in some other time.

At any rate, I'm writing now because I'm in a "useful" mood and I thought I'd try to get around to a film review while I was awake. The film in question is Before Midnight.

The critics apparently loved it. I liked the style. I liked the still clever and deep but appropriately funny and sometimes random conversations. I actually really liked the soundtrack (which I won't link to right now because I don't feel like looking for it, frankly). However, I'm not a fan of the way the characters developed over time, though. What is this about how Céline got pregnant the one time they weren't using a condom? Wouldn't a character like her be taking birth control pills? What about Jesse cheating on her? How did Céline turn so tame that she'd just take Jesse back like that in the end? Why and how did Jesse turn into such a horrible person? Why did I somehow want to associate this to SmTn?

I guess it was a short review. While on the subject of SmTn, I must confess I devoted a bit too much time wondering if he saw the pictures mum posted of me (and family) on Facebook. I actually spent a few seconds wondering whether or not to use that title because it reminded me of SmTn. Bees do. Inside joke. *sigh*

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