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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tropical house and Halloween

I had two dreams I remember last night. The first was a nightmare. I was with two other women (Kfex from school1 and odd up/down girl from summer school) in an old convent or other religious building where graves were kept underground. We were looking for the tomb of a woman. We had to do something else before (I think we were replacing something inside the tomb, possibly the body itself, except it was kept in a chest, not a coffin) finally going out and looking for it so we'd been walking for a while along corridors when we stopped at the floor where her tomb was supposed to be. It was dark and trying to turn on the lights didn't work. We walked over there anyway and to try and figure out how to open the tomb, Kfex held her phone in camera mode, which emitted some light. At one point she asked me to look at the screen on her phone, i.e. the image being picked up by the camera. She wanted to know if I was seeing what she was seeing and I don't know if that's what she saw (though I think so) but I saw the ghost of a woman in a shirt and pants pink pyjama, sitting on a small set of 3 or so stairs. I freaked out, ran away as fast as I could and woke up a little afraid to open my eyes or even move because that's what nightmares do to me. I wished I had someone to hug me or just anyone at all close to me in bed. SmTn came to mind and I conjured him as best I could with my imagination, pretending he was there beside me and could hug the image of the ghost (which scared me, even awake, just thinking about it) away.

That's probably why the other dream I remember involves SmTn. It's set in a tropical place, warm and a bit humid. There are swimming pools and my family is there on vacation. Quite a few relatives and extended family are there, and then, so are a few foreigners on vacation. I remember walking past a family with children playing in a pool. I walked around with SmTn for a while and, in a big house (the biggest one, I suppose, modelled after the old one in the islands, with everyone there) we were about to part ways. I told him he couldn't handle two wives or two lovers or two whatevers. I'm not sure what he said then but it led to him following me to my house (in the dream I have a house of my own, at least three stories high and shared with other people). It was more tropical rainforest than tropical island, this one. My point is that he followed me to the house and one must assume we slept together because I remember waking up next to him. We were late for something and we had to skip breakfast. We played around with the dog (same one as here in the dream) and had her running around barking and stopping mid run to be petted by both of us. The old man was showing around the second floor of recent construction. It was a roundabout walkway with a small fence/bar looking down. Uncle A's sister was there and so was my grandmother. They both tried holding on to the rail and the old man warned against it. Uncle A observed the now bent rail. This is what I woke up to.

Is it worth noting that when I woke up from the nightmare I was disoriented and it took me a good few seconds to even remember which bed I was in and where in the world that bed was?

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