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Monday, 28 October 2013

Sword, food, hands

I remember two of the dreams I had last night. In one, I was my usual self sitting down in a classroom-like arrangement of chairs somewhere in the back. The people in the chairs were from school1, though there were quite a few people I didn't recognise. Someone took my seat, so I changed seats. My seat faced to the back (instead of the front, I don't know if I was missing out on anything). Which is why I didn't know who wouldn't cut it out grabbing my waist from behind me. I put my hands under his and separated them and he sometimes left it alone but he'd eventually come back to it. Until I actually spoke up and said "Stop it already!" and he jumped in his seat when he saw it was me. He thought it was someone else (wouldn't have been very acceptable then either, I reckon, but I suppose that's between him and this other girl he had in mind). One of the alpha girls congratulated me for putting him in his place.

In the other dream there was this little girl with magic powers. Her powers were tied to a sword she could call to her and when she did, it would glow blue and move towards her. However, she was not the one keeping the sword, some crazy scientist type man was keeping it for/from her. One night she sneaked into his place and dressed up like a coat of armor to "fit in" the mess that was around her. She had deliberately chosen this disguise on account of the day of the year or maybe the time. She got caught and the man was very much surprised and upset and many things not knowing who she was until she said she could prove it was her by calling the sword to her. She did and not just the sword but everything in the room turned towards her and moved a little in place. When she was done with her proof she motioned everything back in place with her hand. Then the man gave her the sword for good, except he covered it with a katana (so that the sword now had two hilts, one after the other. Worth pointing out, the magic sword was broken. It was only some 20-30cm long and it was still supposed to be stronger and more powerful than any other sword. I "knew" that when they disguised it with the whole katana, the katana would eventually break and reveal the real sword underneath.

Wait, I remember another dream. There was a third dream where I was at a fancy restaurant wondering what to order. There was a big family reunion (except people from school1 were there too) and we were spread throughout the restaurant in different tables. I was on a table on my own (surprise!) and had not been able to get my hands on a menu for  a very long time, so I was a little late and rushed ordering. They had this very peculiar dish of different coloured potatoes (they had two dishes, each with a predominant colour: one was purple with bits of yellow, the other I can't remember). Except it wasn't all potatoes. I suppose the rest might have been some Japanese style mold thingies (sorry, Japan) made of something very starchy and coloured for presentation. I distinctly remember some of these looking like ice cubes with a lilac base and purple "body." They looked quite pretty and nutritious but it was just an appetiser and I didn't want to order anything I wouldn't eat.

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