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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Selfish, selfish, selfish!

Aunt A wants nothing to do with me today. She's going out for lunch with a friend so I suggested I can stay around campus longer so she doesn't have to interrupt her afternoon out to pick me up. No problem. So she called me when I was supposed to be in class (what's that to her, anyway?) to tell me she talked to uncle A and will make him go out of his way and be a full hour (or more) late to the office just so he can pick me up instead of her. It was already arranged! All she had to do was stop by the bus stop when she was on her way back from meeting with her friend! But no. Now I have to inconvenience uncle A and feel bad about whatever decision I make. If I don't want to inconvenience uncle A, I'm deliberately inconveniencing aunt A who has made it clear she doesn't want to have to pick me up from the bus stop. If I do as she says, I'm stuck in the damned warm house having made uncle A late. 


I hate this.

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