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Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Quarter life crisis glimpsed in a conversation with A. She's all about telling me how much brighter her future looks from where she is and how full of possibilities her career is now. She's thinking of applying for a PhD scholarship. She tells me to look up the maths PhD programme in that university. If not, they have a Master's programme that turns into a PhD (or something like that, she said she'd look into it). She pretty much told me to find out where they teach the things I want to learn and to get into a programme. While part of it is her just boasting how much she likes it where she is right now and another part is her completely ignoring my explanation for not taking any plans of pursuing a career in maths very seriously, another part is solid good advice. Which I have to ignore. *sigh*

Life chez les A is as always. Arguments over fucking everything. Conflict every fucking where. 

Enough reason to remind myself three things (which boil down to one):

1. We had class in a different classroom today. A classroom that was closed a half hour before the class, when I arrived at the building. I had chosen to sit outside the hall (on the other side of a door, by the stairs) while I waited for someone to open the door. I could hear my classmates chatting on the other side and it was a good enough indication of the fact that the classroom had not been opened. When it was time for the class, I got up and looked out the window on the door, finding everyone still up. The guy closest to the door opened it and told me he'd let me know when they opened the classroom. I don't know him and I have to presume he doesn't know me beyond the fact that we're in the same class. Nevertheless, he thought he'd let me know and his kindness made me smile. It still does.

2. The nice lady at the coffee shop closest to the office. That woman makes my day when I see her. She always smiles, she jokes, she tries to start conversations about anything. She's just so friendly and sweet... If she had a tip jar that read "tip for smiles" she'd be making at least twice as much as she is now. She's a love.

3. ON has a lovely smile. It's genuine, it's sweet and, most importantly, pretty much always there. 

Note to self: Most people are nice. Doesn't matter if you know them or not, they'll be friendly and helpful just because. This is true pretty much anywhere. 

Today's song is "Hello, Goodbye" by The Beatles. 

The dream I remember waking out of this morning involved CtThumbe visiting and us going out with the mean girls from school1 (go figure). We had made plans to go to the theatre and I invited CtThumbe to come with us (she would have, apparently, needed the others' permission first, as the queen bee came over to ask if she'd like to come). Initially, CtThumbe was only here for a day but she changed her mind and it ended up with her staying over. I remember having time to worry about whether or not my clothes would fit her but being happy to have her around anyway.

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