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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Obsessive file hoarding

I'm obsessing about this red lipstick thing. I wanted to go back to the first conversation it popped up in, and I thought I had the log for it, but it turns out I don't. Long story short, it was in the hard drive that gave up on me, the one I chose to give back right away instead of doing a proper backup because I thought Dell DataSafe had me covered. It saved the Skype folder where the messaging history should have been, it saved old messages here and there, but not the actual messaging history. Just as well, right? It was just one more thing to drive me mental... but I wish I had the option of being able to revisit those old conversations, if only once 8 months later. *sigh*

Remind me to write a post about Halloween and the sort of things usually associated with it. 

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