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Friday, 18 October 2013

Misery is not a zero sum game

I've been too tired to write the last few nights. I've been too tired to tell you, blog, about aunt MT and how she's a saint. I haven't told you about the conversation I had with cousin N, about the difference between a PhD in engineering and a PhD in maths, about the idea for a story based on surprising a mirror the way you surprise a clock (using my shameful excuse for a high school graduation thesis). I could have written about a couple of dreams, a few random thoughts (like the one where I confess liking public transportation), I could have written about how it's taking SmTn a bit too long to get back to me, about today's bureaucratic achievement, about a number of things. You get the idea. I won't be writing about these now because something else is up. Namely, aunt A (surprise!).

We (aunt MT, cousin N and I) were up relatively early. Aunt MT and cousin N are leaving tomorrow (which is a sad enough thought on its own). Since cousin S came around to spend some time here with them before they left, they got a little behind packing their bags and weren't quite done with them until 11:30pm or so. I asked if I could help and helped with what I could. Aunt A sat in their room and tried to make conversation while she rested her feet on one of their bags. Aunt A exits for a while and when aunt MT is about ready to finally go to bed (cousin N was already in bed, the lights in their room out), aunt A raises a ruckus because she lost an earring. And she comes up with this elaborate story about how it's such a good earring (most, if not all of her jewellery is cheap and doesn't warrant such ridiculous claims), about how it absolutely MUST BE FOUND, NOW. At fucking midnight. By aunt MT and myself. Even though we have to wake up very early tomorrow morning to drive aunt MT and cousin S to the airport and aunt MT must have been already exhausted, what with her regular bedtime being closer to 10pm. Talk about selfishness. With stupid excuses about how someone will step on the earring and ruin it and ruin her fucking life because it's such a fucking expensive and unique earring she has to put her craziness (it's nowhere close to being a need) on top of everyone's well-being (sleeping is generally considered to be a good thing when you're tired and have a long day ahead of you).

I find it outrageous. Aunt MT is a saint but I get mad on her behalf because it can't fucking be right for aunt A to be like that. Even after aunt MT went to bed aunt A was still walking around the house, moving things around (including things that had nothing to do with finding the lost earring) and waiting for me to come out of the bathroom to show me the other earring. Désolée! I have shit to do. Like sleeping, for instance. The fact that you can't sleep, madwoman, does not excuse you keeping us others awake. The fact that you think your whims are more important than other people's needs does not entitle you to act on such stupid beliefs. Not even if aunt MT is a saint. Especially because aunt MT is a saint. 

It's just wrong. Wrong, I tell you!

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