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Sunday, 13 October 2013



I'm tired.

Cousin N is worried I'm not eating properly (I'm not) and threatens to tell mum. My parents keep telling me to buy the ticket back for when I come back from my vacations in January. The very ticket aunt A has more than once said they want to get me as a present, except they haven't bought it yet and haven't so much as asked for the date when it would be necessary. My parents have a point. But if you know anything about the As it's that they're complicated people who will make trouble out of anything if given the opportunity to. Catch-22, is what they call it. Get it myself, screw myself out of a fair bit of money and earn their reproach for not taking them up on their bogus offer. Fail to get it and I'm screwed anyway because I fucking have to get back on the same day. True, I do have a back-up plan where they leave me alone and I just rent a car and go on a bit of an adventure but all hell will break loose if I even mention that idea out loud.

I haven't spoken with SmTn. AOB hasn't gotten back to me. A tried to catch up a bit but I was kind of busy and slow to respond and (guilty as charged) I killed the conversation by eventually just not answering and currently not knowing what to say. Things didn't work out between CtThumbe and her new infatuation. 

I meant to write a post about how I asked the therapist about writing the things I meant to say and she said it would be best if I just took brief notes and made sure to stick to them so as to not get lost when I talk (I always start telling one story and it gets lost in the twists and turns of others). I'm not even very sure what I wanted to say, except, "the song in my head is 'Something Good' from The Sound of Music."

Remind me to write a clever post about the homework I'm not doing (studying bioelectricity and biology and nanomedicine) and the homework I set out to do but didn't do anyway (finishing my LinkedIn profile, correcting my résumé, plan my next therapy session).

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