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Monday, 7 October 2013

Kate Hudson, a rickety old house and water

Had a dream about Goldie Hawn's daughter (whatever her name is - Kate Hudson) being this character that worked as some big shot's assistant in New York. I was sometimes her. She was a lawyer and had done something heroic. There was a competition/game in place where lots of children participated. I was surprised to see them all swimming next to each other with forks in their mouths, which they had to change at the other end of the pool for a ball. If they got hurt, there were code words they could call and the whole game would go on hold while it was sorted out. I thought this was quite clever, but it must have been hard work training the children for this. This woman had done something that either helped the game or saved some kid and one of the orgaisers asked me what I wanted in return. Truth was "nothing" but he said there was no way that action was done without any kind of interest, so I told him to make an offer. His offer was to turn me into a comic book hero and all he'd have to do was follow me around for a day. On that day I had to catch the train and was tired and wanted to go home as soon as possible but some older woman I ran into, a friend, apparently, would not. stop. talking. 

Then there was another dream where aunt A lived in a rickety old house of at least 7 stories, all wood (and quite bare, to be honest). She'd just had it remodelled and was so proud of it she kept showing it off to everyone. I remember there being odd staircases all over, forming intricate designs with different lifts and spaces left empty, but without any handrails, so I just dragged myself up through them instead of walking up. When it was my turn, I went to the top floor and noticed the house was not very stably laid down next to a cliff. It appeared there was nothing but a long pipe holding the house in place... or not. The house sway and I told mum and my sister to jump off to safety. It was too far away for me to jump to. A man there with me tried tossing (stuffed?) animals to safety and depending on how well he could get them to land he ventured guesses about how well I'd do if I jumped off.

In another dream, a soap opera lead man was hurt in a lake and had to be pulled to safety. With a massive fish that had recently been caught with the purpose of nursing him back to health. It was almost a meter long, dark blue and green and shiny in colour.

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