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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Always Like This

I forgot what I dreamed about last night. I know I had dreams and I meant to write them down, but I forgot. I woke up several times last night. The temperature was nice and cool for the first time in a very long time, but I woke up at 4, then at 6, then at 7 and at 7:20 and 7:50 (my alarm was set for 8). I don't know what's with me. Except I do, sort of... I'm anxious about SmTn.

So, I'll just write about the song in my head this morning, "Always Like This" by Bombay Bicycle Club 

and about the sweet little girl on the bus this morning. She was happy and lively and eager to greet the bus driver, and me and the only other person on the bus besides her mum. She could barely talk (so I figure she must have been about 1-2 years old) but when she saw my student ID she said "Is that your ticket?" and, why, yes it was. How clever of her. I don't know her and I couldn't recognise her a year from today (or even a week from now, for that matter) but I wish her to grow healthy and ever smarter. Her mum struck me as a strong, intelligent and independent woman. I wish them happiness.

Side note: I don't dare file this under physiognomy but I had a bit of a hunch about what exactly might be off with my nanomedicine occasional glancer. I do very much hope I'm wrong, but I think he may have been abused as a child.

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