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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A cat, a mouse and a river

Had a couple of dreams last night/this morning. 

In one, I was on a trip to a river with a group of friends... and SmTn. I think my sister was there, too. At some point they got out of the water and left SmT and me alone. They'd gone to fill out a bottle of water, but I told them to ask first (there was a family that "owned" that bit of the river and likely handled such requests). I asked him if he was enjoying himself. I also wondered if we could go walk to the spring where the river came from and how far away it would be, because I was wearing less than very comfortable shoes.

In another dream, a mouse was scaring a cat (...or was it the other way round?). It was cartoonish at times and just plain weird and worrying at others. The cat had left letters where it detailed having become obsessed with eating bits of red broken plates and cups as if they were cookies. The mouse was so scared it couldn't see the cat reaching out right in front of it to leave another letter.

Then there's another dream where I was driving a car and we (myself and other 2-3 people, grown men who seemed friendly but I can't for the life of me identify or remember) picked another friend (see above) from the airport. I drove on a highway and did fairly well, even at higher speeds. I only started worrying when the steering wheel control stopped being "natural" and started feeling like a game where I could no longer see the road directly ahead of me and had to guess how much to turn based on a view of the road from above. I remember being worried about a very winding road going downhill.

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