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Sunday, 8 September 2013


Last night I had my first ever dream of zombies. I think. In my dream I was with my sister and we got to do a certain scene over and over again. It started with shooting the first zombies that came into the room in the head and throwing grenades when enough of them had grouped. However, aunt A had hidden the gun and the bullets and, since we had a limited amount of time to get ready before they came the last time around I didn't manage to find more than one bullet for my gun. We used holy water to hold them back at the door. The first ones to come were all women. Some we could scare away but just pointing at them with the guns without shooting. Then they took being shot like a game and laughed at me when I fired a blank (having forgotten I'd already wasted my one bullet). 

In another dream, there was this witch who did black magic. We found her out because she spilled a large and thick trail of tiny little black stars down some stairs we were walking down. We were in a big old house, then, and there were paintings on the walls which turned into paintings of her when she walked past them. She was tall, pale and had very long black hair. She looked "evil" but was quite beautiful in her own way.

Special thanks to AOB for helping me sleep last night, as I ended up using his playlist of rain and waves when all else failed to help me go to sleep. I'd felt a bit bad using this thing that was his, in a way, but it really did help and I'm very thankful to him for having shared it with m e. For privacy's sake, I've refrained from looking at what other playlists he's come up with or what his YouTube activity is like. 

Big thanks to AOB. Don't let the rambling distract you. Big thanks to AOB again. I'm not sure I could have slept so well if it weren't for him.

Truth is, my mand was racing well into the wee hours of the morning, busy swooning over and over again, thinking thoughts that have no place being thought about. 

Wait! There was another dream. One where I'd gone back to studying maths. I remember seing some of the people I've been in class with. I remember wondering if it would be enough with just a Master's degree to get good jobs in the field. I remember talking to ThPr and him telling me he'd made big developments in the subject of my undergrad thesis and wanting me to keep this as a subject for my Master's (and possibly PhD) thesis.

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