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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Where do you go for reasonable conversations?

The nice people over a, just like therapists, aren't there to talk to you. They're there to be clever listeners. 

Aunt A and uncle A could make flowers wilt just by starting a conversation about them. Yesterday it was suicide and today it's everything is out to harm you. Never mind science. Never mind reason. Never mind that such sordid topics are unpalatable during any meal. 

Couldn't get a hold of SmTn. Had he answered I would have asked him to say anything in the union of "things that are clever," "things that are nice" and "things that are reasonable." 

Talking to AOB didn't feel quite right. A started a conversation about the new Richard Linklater film but it's not really going anywhere. 

I can't stop thinking of LesMisGuy every 10min or less. 


That's sort of what EBF was for, and the whole reason I started this blog. It's too bad it won't write back. I'm just another crazy person thinking out loud.

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