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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wake up and smell the hummus

Not studying.

I finished working on the homework problems I said I'd have ready around 10:30pm last night. Still left me with at least an hour to go over some of the things I should study for tomorrow's test. I arrived early today and I'm still not using the time to study. Last night, again, I almost opened LesMisGuy's profile. In a spurt of the moment thing, I actually made up my mind and did everything except actually open the profile. I managed to hold myself back. The silly argument that prompted me to look at once and for all is that I can't focus on anything and maybe if I took a peek I could leave it alone already. Except I wouldn't, and there's quite a bit more on my mind than just LesMisGuy (even if he's a big part of it). So instead I just watched the season première of New Girl. Aaand it brought about the realisation that LesMisGuy has all the good qualities of Nick without being a deadbeat loser with a drinking problem. So, you know, there's that. Still didn't study. Today I quickly checked my e-mail and a few other websites instead of studying. Not that studying isn't a more pressing subject, but right now I'd rather write on the blog, for instance.

Today's bus ride was littered with thoughts of LesMisGuy and it wasn't until I was about to get off the bus that the idea struck me: he just made out with the sort of good looking girl from maths who was drooling all over him. And I'm still thinking about him. What could there possibly be to think about? He just wasn't that into me! How hard could it be to get it into my head? It's been two years!

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