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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Still not studying (have you noticed a theme yet?)

Today Yesterday's day started with lunch, followed by going shopping and coming back. I got a new phone on Friday and I'm worried about ruining it. One of the more likely ways to ruin it is by scratching it. Ok, so my day didn't so much start with lunch as it did with "toying around with the new phone." While we were out shopping,* I looked for a small cloth pouch/elegant sock to put it in before it goes into my bookbag but I had no luck. 

1) They are likely sold elsewhere, even for my not-that-popular phone.
2) Work will apparently finally start this week and I haven't a clue what it is I'm supposed to be doing.
3) I have not studied at all, not even to make up for the test I spectacularly fucked up in on Thursday.
4) I have not eaten anything all day besides lunch (and an afternoon frappuccino... which is admittedly not even solid food and consists almost entirely of empty calories).
5) I have not read one iota for the teaching job. I haven't a clue if the last questions I submitted to become future problems are any good and now is a time as good as any to burst my bubble and point out that Pf2 had to ask me what the answers to my questions were. Because they fucking sucked and he just couldn't say that to my face because he's too nice.

Try to guess what I did with myself all night then. 

If your answer was "make a pouch for the new phone with an old shopping bag, a t-shirt I was giving away, fabric paint and my bare hands" you are both correct and inside my head. Please kindly leave. I didn't even go out to get water. I just stayed there, sewing, painting, cutting cardboard pieces, pinning bits of fabric together, measuring things out and what not... Until bloody 2:30am!

What's worse is that I had time to be proud of myself for how well it was coming along. I had time to think about how nice it is to be able to make something out of "nothing." About how creative it all was on my part to use the old t-shirt and grab a string from an old gift bag. In the back of my mind, when I think these thoughts, is the idea that I am magical. I tried to excuse my waste of time by thinking it was soothing to be in a creative mode and it was somehow useful.

*For the sake of fairness, I must point out aunt A was in a very generous mood today. Dare I say she was actually trying to be nice. 

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