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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Pat in the back

I did one thing right today. One thing, and it's still better than zero things. Pf2 liked the problem questions I suggested. Well done, me. Admittedly, it's a task we were given four days ago and Pf1 was asking about it being done today (even though Pf2 said he'd need it in about a week). So I feel like I was late and they were just waiting for my input. Which brings the excitement down to a Fuck. I'm the worst of the assistants and they had to wait for me. But we won't mind that, I could have also failed to offer good questions but I didn't. I'm not a complete educational failure.

[7:56pm edit]
You know, I'd left AOB a not-that-quick message with my "homework assignment" and what I initially intended to do (doctors through the ages and research methods to cure a headache). He sent me something he did really quick: a five page document with references. Even if most of it is copy-pasted, he actually went out of his way to find actual studies that used the techniques described. Now I feel like my "Well done" was the equivalent of putting a toddler's doodles on the fridge door. 

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