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Friday, 27 September 2013

My sleeping cools!

It's evil. Outright evil. They threw away my sleeping cool! My bottle of frozen water! What's worse, they would have needed to thaw it out before emptying it and putting it in the recycling bin. Aunt A knew I use it to sleep because it's too fucking hot and I need it now more than ever because the air conditioning is not working at all! It's bloody 29ºC and I don't have the one thing that would help me make it through the night! Why? WHY?! There's plenty of things to throw away in the freezer, if it's a matter of space. It's not even taking up that much space to begin with! And what's it to anyone at all if I sleep with a frozen bottle of water? It helps me sleep!

To think I'd just catch up with the blog on the last couple of days' events and then try to get some work done... It will be hours before the bottle is even remotely close to freezing!


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