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Friday, 20 September 2013

Have you ever noticed...?

Technically, I only have two things that appeal to the general public. And something I suddenly realised today which has nothing to do with those two. Good enough reason to write a post, I figure.

1) If you have an analogue wristwatch, like me, you may have suddenly looked at it and, as if you'd startled it, thought the second hand ticked counterclockwise and then went on ticking. I will often keep looking at it, wondering if it will tick backwards again even though I know it won't. The child in me wants to believe maybe you can startle your wristwatch so much it forgets to keep track of the one second. Or that perhaps, time being the thing that keeps moments apart, trying to cram one unexpected moment (the one where you look at the time) so suddenly makes time go back just a tiny bit to be able to fit it. 

2) Shit. What was the second thing? I know there were two of them! Here's to hoping I remember later. One paragraph later, I did remember. Maybe someone out there knows if there's an explanation for it. Maybe no one out there has ever seen them and I'm completely mad. It's been years since I last went to mass. But there was a time when mum liked to drag us all to church and it made her feel good, so I did my very best to behave while not really paying attention to what the priest was saying (which has the remarkable habit of being very boring, even to a girl curious about religion who hasn't quite discovered she's agnostic yet). In big cathedrals there's usually this big dome right over the table where the father stands to speak (I'm sorry, I'm sure I'm being wildly inaccurate and there must be names for things like the table, and the dome, and proper titles for the holy men who speak in churches... but I don't know them). That's neither here nor there. What entertained my bored thoughts during mass is that I found a small mirror, no bigger than the palm of my hand, hanging from a thin, almost invisible string, that was apparently attached to some place in the middle of the dome. I would have written it off as a one time thing, or an illusion, but I remember seeing it in more than one church (should it be cathedral? sorry religious people!). Child me wondered if I was somehow special for being able to see this mirror, if there was a magical purpose behind it only church people knew, if it served some mysterious function.

The unrelated bit comes from a conversation with SmTn the day before yesterday (I think). I'm not sure how we arrived at this conversation, but I ended up telling him about how if I won the lottery I'd buy a country house in the mountains in a little town not unlike the one where summer school was hosted. He asked how much such a house would cost and if that was my dream for the future. Once I was done thinking nonsense, I suddenly realised that he was asking about my dreams. I don't believe anyone has ever asked me about that. Not really. I mean, I do remember having a brief conversation of what I'd do if I won the lottery with someone from the maths department, but it wasn't phrased that way. I do remember talking to LesMisGuy about who I'd like to meet, but it wasn't phrased that way.

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