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Thursday, 12 September 2013

LesMisGuy/Nick. Again.

Had a dream about New Girl last night. I was Jess and Nick was LesMisGuy, sort of. As usual, I guess. In the dream we were young, though, young enough for LesMisGuy's parents and someone else's to forbid them from being with me. I was somehow a bad influence. We'd made arrangements to get together some time, which in Nick's case and I meant, maybe, finally getting together. I seem to remember thinking "they're old enough to make their own decisions, how can their parents decide for them?" but I still think we can't have been in our 30s like they are in the show. 

We somehow end up together, nonetheless. Aided by Nick's dad (who actually seems to remind me more of the actor playing Jess' dad, but never mind that. In the end he says something like "Off you go, you two. Get together." In the context of the dream that meant "Swim off to the middle of that natural water pool (could have been the sea, could have been a spring, wouldn't know), and get nekkiiiiddd. I'm not sure why it had to be done there, but it was apparently not the first time. 

Somehow related to this dream but not quite was one of Japanese Pop Star Utada Hikaru, who was invited (or not?) to a big event not so unlike a wedding/concert. I was there with others though we were not supposed to, so we went from one table to the other, greeting people (strangers) and pretending to be too busy to go to our seats lest we be found out.

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