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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Give me the zombies, any time.

*Nazgûl shriek*

How do I get out of here? How? How do I get the fuck away from aunt A?

I was in the kitchen. I'd just left some towels in the washing machine and uncle A took the chance to tell me about some recipes he saw. Aunt A walked in and the dog walked to her and smelled her. She exploded yelling at the dog "NO!!!" I calmly stated there was no need to yell at the dog and she tells me the dog is messing up her pants and how dare I lecture her for getting mad at the dog, so she goes on to yell at me and them storm out slamming the door as she walks back into the room. 

She has no fucking right. No fucking right.

I wish I had someone to talk to but fucking therapy is over a week away and I can't reasonably tell anyone. Who the fuck do you complain to in these cases? There's no one but the blog. No one other than the blog. Not even SmTn could brighten up my day right now. I wouldn't dare ruin his day (or anyone else's) with stories of how asking aunt A not to yell at the dog got me yelled at. Why the fuck don't they have openings for a damned therapy session any earlier than a week from Wednesday?

[8:00pm edit]
About an hour ago aunt A walked into my room "to talk." Except she was quickly telling me I am rude to her and make these faces and say these things and don't respect her and question her authority and... 

I try to explain that I don't. That I actually tiptoe and walk on egg shells because I'm worried that every teeny tiny thing will somehow offend her. She says I don't. Of course I don't. She's taking offence even at how I say hello by saying "Hello." That's no way to greet someone! I'm treating her like she's a bloody servant!

A few lines into the argument she refuses to change her mind and is starting to call my mum a liar and telling me rumours reached her of how my sister and I lied so much about the way she'd been treating us here. When I told her we could fact-check asking uncle A she said to keep him out of it that he had nothing to do with anything and we'd only make him angry too. She keeps using him as an intimidating tactic.

When I've had about enough I tell her to go be angry in her room and keep repeating this. She tells me she can be anywhere she pleases, this is her damned house! So I tell her I'll gladly go to the bathroom and lock myself in until she's gone, which takes all of 2 seconds. Which is when I proceeded to lock myself in my room. All day I've had nothing but a bag of Doritos and half a bag of beef jerky to eat. I'm not hungry. And I don't want to go out to the kitchen. 

Mum pointed out something I hadn't noticed, but it adds to the outrage. Uncle A sees aunt A yelling at me and says nothing. It was my dad's first question too.

[8:42 edit]
In his defense, uncle A did come to my room and ask me to have lots and lots of patience. Lots of it.

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