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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dream about silent AOB; ruin chance to talk with him by talking to him

AOB came out hibernation for a couple of hours. Long enough to hear me rant and want to go to sleep. And then I ask him to stay in touch and tell me about his life (which he hadn't, up to this point, mentioning a short something about future plans and how he hasn't done much). That's when he leaves a tid bit about how it's been a tough year, but then doesn't talk about it. And, you know what? Half of me knows he would talk about it, the other half knows he'd only talk about it in person. All of me knows I should have asked more questions and vented less. It seems AOB beat me to it, though. Here's hoping it all works out for him.

Minus 15 social skills points for being a shitty friend.

He even sent me a link to his playlist of going to sleep sounds. 

Make that another 30.

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