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Friday, 27 September 2013

Catch up with the dreams now, catch up on life later

All right. So, I was too tired yesterday night to write about it, but I had a dream about LesMisGuy the night before last. I mostly remember just hugging him, holding him tight, and him telling me he liked me very much (dream words!). I also had a dream about a baby giant Dodongo and distinctly remember its teeth (like any baby's, in my dream world) had to be cut off with nail clippers. It only struck me when I was awake how horrifying a concept that is.

Fast forward to last night, where I also had a dream about LesMisGuy. The details are becoming a little less clear than I'd like, but there was a pool N1 and others were playing on, and the bit where LesMisGuy comes in is in a bus ride. I was sitting next to EBF and LesMisGuy was a few rows behind us. He was friends with EBF and had given him a (graded? there were red pen notes all over it) essay to look over. I remember wanting to read it, being curious about what goes through LesMisGuy's head... and also trying very hard not to read it or commit any of it to memory, because I knew I'd obsess about it. So I skimmed over it quickly when EBF asked me to read it and read only enough to point out some of the sentences might as well be written by EBF, that they had very similar writing styles. There were a couple of trips back and forth where EBF brought different pages of the essay. After he'd brought the last one and I made my remark, EBF produced a small piece of paper he'd apparently had all along where LesMisGuy had scribbled his e-mail address. For me. EBF explained LesMisGuy had found himself very busy and that's why he'd gotten out of touch, but he absolutely wanted to talk to me/see me/go on a date with me again. So if I could just contact him via e-mail and ask him out again, we could give things a try. I remember panicking, thinking I would only be around for another two months or so and anything that happened between me and LesMisGuy was doomed to be short-lived. I was overwhelmed by being so happy to think LesMisGuy actually liked me and wanted to see me again. Awkward as it was, I hugged EBF from the side and asked him if it was okay if I just stayed there, hugging him, while I sorted my thoughts and feelings out.

In another dream, A and I were in an old, abandoned house. It was cold (and lovely! I was wearing a sweater and had time, while walking up/down some stairs, to realise how nice it was). When we walked over to the part where the front gate would be, we noticed first a gnome riding a small animal around the other side of the fence. A talked to him and when I tried to point out to her his magical nature his appearance had changed and he no longer had the pointy red hat or white hair (though he was still very small and still had the long hair and beard, just red). Where the stairs to the main entrance should have been there was nothing, as if the house were literally falling apart. Then it turned a bit strange because it was suddenly all about King Arthur (played by a somewhat crazy-looking Eddie Murphy in my dream) and I remember talking to the king and telling him we were waiting for others (led by a woman whose name I can't remember), maybe even inquiring about their location. 

Long story short, I had two dreams about LesMisGuy. Two dreams where he fancied me and wanted to be with me. One dream where I got to hug him, and one dream where I got closure and the chance to start over. 

I think it's worth pointing out, because I normally don't remember anything I read in dreams, that LesMisGuy's essay was about Victor Hugo and that the final lines were something like "Victor Hugo is great. I like him." Except perhaps more literary-sounding. The "I like him" bit, though is verbatim.

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