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Monday, 30 September 2013

Bit and bob

The questions I helped make? All 13 of them? I was half proud of them. Out of 25 questions in the exam, care to guess how many were from what I sent? 

Nope, not even 3. Less than that. Try 1. I felt this little  --> .

I incorporated comics, I tried to make them think, I chose easy questions, I... failed. Miserably.

So there.

Nothing much in the likes of news around here. I e-mailed SmTn and left another update for the kind stranger. I refrained from using two sentences ("You hugged me with words." and "I'd smile, I hope it's enough to make you smile.") Because they're inappropriate. Wildly so. And I do try to hold back. Sometimes. 

I have to wake up early to help babysit an exam tomorrow. Aunt A, of course, is very eager to drive me. Great.

I wanted to say a few things about "Clair de Lune," and the nonsense I used to imagine when I listened to it during piano lessons. About my crush on M1 being based on him having blue eyes (which obviously made him a blue prince... duh!) and how the closest thing I've found to a blue prince (though otherwise similar enough to M1, in a surprising turn of events) has green eyes. 

Ta ta. 

*snort* (I evidently can't pull that off, in case you hadn't noticed.)

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