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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Why do they have to take a good thing and make it bad? WHy?!?

So... through apparently-not-enough trouble, I have tickets to visit my family during the Christmas holidays. I'd said nothing because that's what we'd agreed on. Since aunt A started talking about how I had to start looking into tickets to go there, I spoke with mum and then told her it had been arranged. Oh, but we arranged it wrong! I tell her I'll sort it out, I have months to do so and it shouldn't be that hard. She brought out the big guns, having uncle A tell me we did it wrong and my solutions are bad solutions and why don't we all just do everything their fucking way? Independence is not a bad thing! Let us do the things we can afford the way we can afford them! I am going home and I don't care how I get there! I can take a train, I can take a bus, I don't care if I have to camp in the damned airport, I'll figure something out!

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