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Thursday, 1 August 2013

What are this?

Last night I had a dream where I met SmTn. We were going to the cinema, and we walked in the rain and I met his girlfriend. The girlfriend was less than nice to me. She was outright rude, actually. SmTn apologised. It seems I'd gone to pick him up at his place, which is where I met her, we went out, and then walked back. Except when we were walking back it started to drizzle. SmTn was having a "moment:" he was seriously considering breaking up with her.  I asked if he'd like to stay out for a bit before going back in, just to cool off. I wondered if I should leave him alone but it didn't feel right (not that being there, in the middle of his thoughts felt any better). I just sat quietly next to him in a small park/green area in the apartment complex. He said he'd been considering it for a while. I think he was drunk because I remember telling him "Don't do it now. Do it later if you still feel the same way when you're sober." He said he had to because he kept thinking of someone else *hint, hint*.

In another dream there had been a maths colloquium where we'd each been sent out to find professors. I don't know if we were supposed to, but I'd brought cookies and a sandwich and something else (all sweet, apparently) for whoever I got. Just because, I guess? The professor I ended up with was not around, so I stuck with whoever was in his office. Turned out to be Bore, except he looked like my childhood paediatrician. He wasn't too keen on the stuff I'd brought for him. He thought I was there for some other reason. I remember being awkward. 

In another dream, I visited a small town in the country. I'd gotten to know it quite well and to sort of know my way around. I was there with someone else and we'd take the bus down a road that went right through the town. 

Otherwise, restless night. Partly my fault because I was too lazy to bring any of my cooling off contraptions. Mostly the fault of the damned heat. 

Side note/note to self: aunt B is not a very good influence. Even though she could school aunt A in class, gossip is not beneath her. Though I spoke nothing but truths and thought aunt A was out of earshot, aunt B asked why aunt A didn't seem to lose weight and I answered. (She has no discipline. It doesn't matter if she has a trainer and goes to the gym, she doesn't do what she's told. She does what she likes. It doesn't matter if she once, goodness knows how long ago, went to a doctor who gave her a special diet. She doesn't follow it! She eats what she likes, arguing that she only eats unhealthy foods once in a lifetime every weekend. She argues she only eats carbs because she'd otherwise get very low blood sugar and pretends all she eats at night is fruit and cheese, but when she helps herself to rice or potatoes she'll fill half the bloody plate. No sense of portion control. When she thinks no one is looking she'll help herself to powdered milk which is both sweetened and whole. She goes through big cans of the stuff. When she thinks no one will notice, or under the excuse of low blood sugar, she'll eat whatever candy she fancies. Under the excuse that they're sugar free, she'll eat other candy... like it being sugar free somehow made it also carb free and fat free. I didn't quite say all this, but I suppose I should have kept my mouth shut. As nice as it is to be able to vent and speak truths, it is beneath me to gossip like that and I at least feel bad for it.

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