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Sunday, 25 August 2013

This is what bad sleeping does to you

I remember two dreams from last night. In one I'd had enough of the heat not letting me sleep and I'd come up with a solution: I'd just go to the first floor of the house, where I knew there was an air conditioning unit right above a sofa-bed. Problem? I was remembering the house where we lived by the beach. Very frustrating, when you feel so hot in your sleep your sleep you tries to find a solution to it. I, of course, woke up feeling too hot and was disappointed at not having an extra air conditioning unit anywhere. *sigh* I need my first paycheck...

There's another dream where, again, I borrowed from reality. I clench my teeth at nigh. So much and so badly I've ground my molars flat and sensitive. I've chipped small holes in them too. Well, I dreamed that I chipped big bits off and walked around looking for a doctor. I was oddly enough in school, except I didn't recognise anyone there. A girl who would have sat near me told me to go to a certain doctor, so I went to him. Can't remember a thing he said, or even talking to him. I do seem to remember the old school1 cafeteria and lunch. I'd been there earlier and I'd picked up my lunch to avoid the queue during lunch time, but I'd misplaced the bag with my lunch. At the same time, I was looking for a cartoon dog (Snoopy, no less) and someone/something else. I'd tried drawing something for them to come to me, but it hadn't worked. When I walked by the first graders' classroom a little boy helped me find them. Then there's also something about riding the bus. There were lots of us and they had to stop in the middle of the road for us to switch buses. Rather than just sending the extra to the other bus, they had us switch buses entirely (which made no sense to me). I remember A being there.

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