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Saturday, 10 August 2013

This is my upbringing speaking up

So... I'm talking to SmTn who's telling me (for the second time) about his cooking adventures when he has oh-so-few groceries available to him and I can't stop thinking: "Fine, then he was too lazy to stop at a grocery store and he hasn't helped clean the kitchen for at least a year so he didn't notice the expired bottle of cooking oil but... how come his girlfriend din't either??"

Where I come from this is all a woman's job, a mum's job and I'm proud of him for being a citizen of the twenty first century. But it's a relationship... aren't they supposed to share these chores if they live together? Wouldn't she worry that there are no groceries, or that there's an expired bottle of cooking oil? What does she eat, anyway? Maybe if they were in their twenties... but they're not! Isn't it all very bizarre??

Still in the land of the bizarre, though... how is he too lazy to buy groceries? He's all grown up! Or isn't he? This is just so... weird. I highly doubt he's so tight in money he can't buy groceries (he can afford to toy with electronics and go to concerts). Can any one person really be that lazy? Which begs the question... can two such people be so very lazy? Do you suppose they eat take out that often? Even so... It's just so strange to hear of a house without groceries... 

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