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Thursday, 29 August 2013

There should be a way to keep aunt A away from late night news

For one who thrives in tragedy and feeling sad, especially if it's completely, utterly and absolutely pointless there should be a way to block late night news shows. For aunt A, that is. Fuck, I hate it when she finds tragedies in the news that she wants to discuss because all she wants to say, like it's a very clever thing to say is "it's so sad." No solutions, no information to better understand the problem at hand, just an opinion she thinks is so very intelligent and informed (it was on the news!) "it's so sad...". Worse still is how she wants to make a conversation out of it but any attempt to explain how things could be better and how they're not all that bad and how it's not quite as she saw it on the news yield nothing but "I don't agree. I think it's all very sad." Well, shit. Being sad never solved any fucking problems. Don't want to forgive terrorists we've been at war with for decades? Think the talk of a peace treaty is bullshit because you want them all to be punished? Well, fuck you. That's not how ending a war with a treaty works. You agree to let people back into civilised society and trust them (or most of them) to act civilised because the alternative is a shoot out that will go on costing lives and funds that can't be afforded. Stating the obvious on and on again "they're bad people" doesn't change the fact that you can't stop them from doing bad things by putting them all in jail at the same time or killing them all with military tactics. Don't you think this would have worked out at some point in the last 30 years or so? Must your point of views be so stubbornly archaic? Must you fucking insist bloody everything is a damned tragedy without proposing any kind of action to remedy or alleviate it? Because then I suggest you shut your trap and fucking leave me alone. I was doing fine just now and now I'm all riled up and agonising over the fact that my very first scheduled therapy appointment (the short one where all they do is attempt to get an idea of what I need help with) is on Tuesday. Tuesday. I would have thought they'd have people available at all times for these quick checks and they would have more people available in the first place, but it seems not. What is one to do with tragedy incarnate for four bloody days??

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