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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Social awkwardness: another day in the life

I looked a bit but it doesn't seem I've given him a name yet. OoOB (that's unfortunate) ON is in the office next to mine and will work with me answering students' questions. Pf2 asked us both to be there in today's class to introduce us. I introduced myself to the girl I sat next to, and she introduced herself to me but I can't for the life of me remember her name. *sigh* That's the old man's genes at work, I reckon. 

At any rate... After the introduction was made he and I left to our offices. He's very nice, really. An engineer with the heart of a scientist. He offered to help me if I locked myself out, or lagged behind my peers in the biology/chemistry department. He offered his advice on classes I'm taking and should take in the future. He's just an all around nice guy. So, of course, two things:

1) He sometimes misunderstands me when I speak. I always feel it's my fault for mumblling/mispronouncing/trying to talk faster than I actually can and it leads to minimally awkward situations where I always feel remarkably stupid. Minus ten social skills points.

2) And I exploded excessive honesty on him opening up about how I don't know what I'm doing because I only took this on as an offer that couldn't be refused and... oh, you know. The sort of thing you're not supposed to say. At all. And yet I tell to too many people. And I told it to him, who needed not know (he was fine with me not knowing where I was going because I'm only just beginning but I just had to chime in). Note to self: learn to shut up, would you? Minus fifty social skills points. That's just embarrassing.

Then in the afternoon SmTn was around and we talked for a bit. And then I exploded quarter life crisis and insecurity all over him. Until it was late and he had to go to sleep. Minus thirty social skills points. Here's hoping they don't run out. 


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