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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Of how putting water in the kitty's bowl made me a bad person (a.k.a. Mental illness is a terrible thing)

Uncle C and aunt B were here for lunch. I helped set the table, re-heat the potatoes, and set uncle C and aunt B up with something to drink (sparkling water). Aunt A was busy setting up lunch for uncle A. Mind you, she doesn't usually have anything to drink with lunch. The cat walked by the kitchen, checked her bowls and left. I noticed her and noticed she had no water, so I got up, filled a small glass of water and put it in her bowl. Because I talk to animals, I said "Want water, cat? Here you go." I even stopped after pouring the water in to see if she was around and called her name. Fast forward 10-15min and aunt A walks over to the stove and exclaims "I thought you'd left some water here to boil!" I was a bit confused so I just pointed out I'd put water in the cat's bowl. You wouldn't believe her level of indignation when she said "Of course! You give the cat water, but you never think of asking me if I want a drink!" Excuse me? She misunderstands me, even though I think it's clear enough all I was doing was giving kitty-cat some water, and builds upon her misunderstanding, feeling entitled to hot water I not only didn't offer but had no idea she expected. And she throws a poisonous remark like that. Because I'm the evil one. For noticing kitty had no water at all to drink. It's not my cat, I could do nothing at all for the cat or the dog. I help out a bit with them anyway and that somehow makes me a bad person.

Well, here's news for you: mental illness, stubborn old age and stinginess do not mix well. You shouldn't be allowed to keep pets if you refuse to take them to the vet when they're visibly unwell and continue to bring up excuses to avoid giving them proper treatment. Goes for aunt A and uncle A alike. You didn't study medicine and "past experience" with other dogs over 10 years sago does not qualify you to say you know exactly what's wrong with your pets and still do absolutely nothing about it because all that could be done 10 years ago was give them pain killers and you refuse to get even a prescription for them. Because it's so expensive and vets are clearly out to steal from you and uncle A says it's just a lizard the dog ate that keeps her whimpering continuously. Excuses. Bad excuses at that. You say the last dog was small and that's why you bathed him and took him to the vet regularly. I know you resent this dog but it's no reason to treat her the way you do. You don't even bother with the cat you chose (and then regretted getting). I offer to help in taking her to the vet and the problem then is that uncle A disapproves of vets. I ask if there's maybe a way to just get some non-prescription medicine for her at the pet store but it's out of the question. Vets are out to steal your money and kill your pets! Why is there no room for reason in all this?

Because: mental illness. Just this morning aunt A was up before dawn saying she was so incredibly sick she absolutely had to go to the emergency room and needed immediate medical attention. Uncle A told her to go by herself, while it was still dark, even though aunt A can't see very well in the dark. You have to admit it's not very smart from either part. The worst part of this is that I'm positive she's not that sick and she made herself a lot sicker on purpose trying to cough her lungs out until her larynx was inflamed and then compounding the pain and pretending every time she swallowed saliva and it went the wrong way she was just getting so much worse from her illness. *sigh* But I can't say a thing because then I'll just be the insensitive one who couldn't care less if she drops dead and I must absolutely want her to die. Can't tell her to eat healthy, can't tell her to exercise properly, can't tell her not to be lazy, can't tell her to be reasonable and less alarmed by her unreasonable explanations to the simplest situations, can't tell her the information provided on the internet in the one website she looked at is not necessarily a universal truth, can't tell her that the thing she saw happen once in this one late night programme is enough reason to worry about worst case scenarios every. single. time. What can I do when I'm already walking on eggshells all the time and even that fails? What can I do when I try to keep quiet but on occasion say the wrong thing? What can I do when I say something completely inconspicuous and it's still source of wrongdoing?

Write it down in the blog, apparently. It's all I can fucking do.

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