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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Of blind dates and a quiet AOB

Had an odd dream last night. Odd in that it was fairly long and convoluted. It started out with being with my parents and my sister in a pool area. My parents had set me up on blind dates with 2 groups of 3-4 men. Most of them I found to be agreeable, easy to talk to and not completely unfortunate looking. I couldn't, however, remember either of their faces or names. The only one that stood out is the one that I couldn't ever be with. He told me he liked to hunt leopard seals for sport and eat them, that they tasted like pork. Don't remember him, only remember his statement and telling myself that was a huge no. (Does it matter if when he told me this we were at sea? As if the pools connected to the sea somehow? And that it was a bit dark and cloudy outside?) Over by the chairs where my parents were was AOB. We'd invited him over for dinner. Mgt and Mrls were there cooking. I thought it was quite a treat to have anything they could cook. Dinner was pasta (the twisted sticks) with mushrooms and other things. When I showed them to AOB he wasn't too excited about it, so we opted to have something else to eat, maybe going out. I'm not how this fits in to the pool story, because he was at the pool, starving, while I was out on my "dates." The old man had offered him a steak from the menu, but something had happened to the waiter who had it and had somehow had an accident. The end result was that AOB went without his food and had skipped a meal to meet me. I told him to come with me and let me buy him a meal to make up for it. He initially refused. I was on my way out with A when we decided to go back and fetch AOB. On the side, I remember talking to AOB about the tango lessons. He asked if he could go, I think. In general, though I couldn't get AOB to talk much. I remember he was quiet even in my dream, much like he is now. 

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