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Thursday, 22 August 2013

In a world like this

Is that a reference to the new song by the Backstreet Boys? Absolutely. What can I say, I have a soft spot for boy bands. I thought now would be a time as good as any to put together nice things that made me smile, for the sake of balance. I've been collecting them (gotta catch'em all!) for about 3 months now. 

1) At an amusement park I stopped to ask a lady at a food stand for directions. While I was still there a man walked over to us and asked for clarification on something, stating that his boyfriend had a theory he wanted to test. And the world didn't burn with the fires of Hell itself, nor did it crumble to pieces. The lady at the food stand just answered his question.

2) My sister and I saw a gay couple shopping for groceries with their baby. They were just so fucking excited to have a baby and looked like they'd make great parents. And the world was a beautiful place. 

3) I had no money except for what was left in a gift credit card, which I didn't know the balance of. I had lunch on campus because I had to stay longer than anticipated and made my way to buy lunch. I first tested the card with a chocolate, and it went through. When I tried to pay for lunch there was not enough money left. What should have been a very embarrassing moment with me fumbling for coins trying to make up the difference was made dramatically less tragic because the girl at the cash register made sure I got an incredible discount so I could afford lunch. Bless her.

4) At a hotel's pool with my sister and cousin S's girlfriend we started playing volleyball hit the ball over the net. Next to us a dad and his children were playing volleyball. The balls kept going stray, so we decided to make mixed teams and play. More and more people joined, of all ages. It didn't matter how well anyone played, and we didn't have any rules beyond "help the littlest ones" and "just hit the ball." We switched teams, we didn't keep score. We played for hours. And it was lovely.

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