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Monday, 12 August 2013

I want to take up French lessons again...

Still procrastinating... And finding myself somewhat obsessed with French culture (read: Les Misérables, book and musical, French music, LesMisGuy... yes, LesMisGuy). 

I haven't studied one. bit. And here I am, still thinking of LesMisGuy, fascinated with Éponine, wanting to read Les Misérables and stopping every time I'm about to start thinking I should read those bloody papers instead but doing neither because... have I mentioned I've been thinking of LesMisGuy? I can't stand myself, can't blame you if you think this obsession makes me insufferable. Thought of the day, in case you were wondering is this: "would he have asked me what I make of cheaters if he didn't think of maybe being my boyfriend?" The conclusion is the same as always, I'm incorrigible and why would he have wanted to be with me anyway? But... what if at some point he did? Well, in the back of my head it means I made an even worse impression that I had thought up to this moment. Welcome to my pity party! Restroom's in the back, last door on your left.

Soundtrack of the day (and possibly yesterday too): "On My Own" as sung by Samantha Barks.

Side note: I'm a little worried about AOB.

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