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Thursday, 8 August 2013

I suck at postcards

Well, this is doubly embarrassing... I meant to add a new font to Blogger (a handwritten font) and failed spectacularly, possibly ruining the original template I had in the process of fumbling about with HTML code. Fuck.

The whole reason I wanted to write a post (and, goodness, it's late!) is that I have absolutely no idea what to write in SmTn's postcard. Sending a postcard from my trip this late in the game, and from anywhere but the place the postcard is from really defeats the purpose of sending it in the first place. Even more so if I can't think of anything to write and have to do so after the fact, trying different combinations on a blog post before settling for something to write down by hand. All I've written (and I hope I didn't fuck that bit up) is SmTn's address. With my luck, even though I used his postcard as a template, it's likely enough I ended up using the wrong side of the postcard for the address, it's likely enough I used up space meant for the stamp or some form of protocol mark or other (it appears to me he wrote around these). 

As it stands, I have written nothing on the postcard, very little of worth in my notebook (I can't really write for SmTn what I already did for AOB, how shameless!), I can't decide on whether or not to send a hug with my greetings (how appropriate or not is it?), I can't make up my mind on how much to write or even where to write it. It's to remain that way, though, because I have to wake up kind of early tomorrow and I'm already late because I can't keep putting off mailing SmTn's postcard like I'm putting off doing everything else. 

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